Ooops….I Forgot I Blogged…

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My internal editor has been far too efficient.  There are so many things I’d like to say…but probably shouldn’t.  Therefore, silence.

I will say this…I have a new coworker who shares my office suite* and who is quite delightful.  She can quote old movies.  She has lived EVERYWHERE.  But most importantly, she shares my opinion that Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire are fabulous and wonderful.  She can stay.

Mr. Darcy has moved away.  I’m too sad to discuss it.

All the pets are now microchipped so that I can be classified as a responsible pet owner.

My Starbucks reward card has now been updated to “GOLD”.  I’m very proud.  I keep those homedogs in business!


*Office suite: what I have started calling the odd shaped collection of interconnected rooms that make up my office area.  I find it adds just that little touch of class.