On Aging….

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My son is sixteen today.  I feel very accomplished.

I thought, now he has achieved this milestone, that I would somehow feel older.  The honest truth is- I don’t.  I’m rapidly heading toward the “Over the Hill” birthday, and yet I still feel like an awkward and nerdy sixteen-year-old myself.  Does that ever go away?  The pimples never did, despite everyone saying they would.  I can admit this in public, because we all know it’s true.

The way I used to fret over this one freakish hair that sometimes grew on my chin.  Pfffft.  I was so naive.

All of this sounds depressing, but I’m not depressed at all.  I’m so proud, for whatever reason, I feel like I should be handed some sort of award.  Look at me!  Look at what I’ve done!  This overshadows the pride I felt the day he was born…and that was some crazy pride because he was the cutest baby that ever was.

I am now mother to a man.  A man who is taller than I am.  Who drives.  Who flies.  Who volunteers.  Who makes tacos.  Who thinks and plans more about his future than I EVER did.

If only this little man did his homework more consistently….but we will work on that!