Inspiration in Everyday Things

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This is my favorite doorway in the history of doorways.  The stone above the door reads, “Impossible is Un American”—and it’s true!

This particular doorway is attached to an old high school building, long neglected by the school district, now being restored by the city.  They are having to make some adjustments to the building to make it useful again.  It’s future is as a fine arts center.

Strictly speaking, not a restoration.

Strictly speaking, that is just fine with me.  The alternatives were to tear it down, or just leave it sitting, sad and neglected, until it fell down.  I can’t wait to see it when they are done with the inside.  Buildings should be useful, don’t you think?

I think about those long ago high school students passing in and out through this doorway as they get their foundation in life.  Did they carry this message with them to the sports field?  To the classroom or laboratory?  To their future oil and gas jobs Downtown?  Or maybe to overseas destinations during WWII?  Do they carry it with them still?

My inspiration?  Do I pass this message along to all the little ones I encounter?  The future mathematicians, writers, business peoples, convicts, mothers and fathers, and caretakers of the country?  Maybe I need to think about that.

Another door on the same building reads, “Ever Onward”.  Magical, is it not?