To the bank manager:

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To the bank manager that complimented my hair today,

Thanks, Darling!  You certainly didn’t have to do that.  I was going to bank with you today either way.  You do already hold my money.  Still, I enjoyed hearing it because I only had it done yesterday.  It was VERY expensive.  I wish I didn’t have to do it.

Bernadette, my hair lady, thinks I ought to have it colored far more frequently than I do.  She is right.  If I didn’t have to first remember to make the appointment, then psych myself into spending that kind of money on hair, and then have to spend all those hours in the chair listening to Bernadette tell me all about her Bible study group….well, I might go more frequently.

Please note: Bernadette is delightful.  Here Bible study group is delightful.  I, however, am not delightful and I’m exhausted by the whole, you know, talking to people thing.

Please also note: “Very” expensive means different stuff to different people, but dang, highlights do cost waaaay toooooo much!

Why people would rather die than speak publicly…

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The husband is presenting to a genealogical society this evening. We left home way too early, as we do, and arrived with more than enough time to set up. Kind of a bummer, as I’m now sitting in a room surrounded by a bunch of “older” people I don’t know. 

Unfortunately, Keynote inexplicably updated the presentation file to a version the husband doesn’t actually have. Nightmare! Who does that, Apple? Who?! 

He now sits, watching the update “progress” bar inch it’s way toward installing. I told him about watched pots, but he doesn’t listen to me in times of stress. Tick tick tick….he goes on in mere minutes….

PS: don’t worry, it worked out. Thank goodness for hotspots, am I right?