Only Two Days Left!

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Summer vacation is almost over.  Let’s recap the list of summer goals, shall we?

  1. Remove all wallpaper from this house.
  2. Paint and decorate the half bath.
  3. Clean my closet.
  4. Remove “jungle” from the words I use to describe my yard.
  5. Work out every day!


  1. Maybe wallpaper isn’t so bad…
  2. I accidentally painted the bathroom yellow and suddenly I don’t care anymore…

I think you can see where we are going with this list.  Today I awoke with two questions:

  1. Did I really just sleep until 9:30?!
  2. Why are my pants so tight?!

Today I vow to do something useful!

Blast from the Past

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I ran into this little beauty on my travels today.

Ah! The memories! Each afternoon, Mary and I would come home from school to watch Ducktales and (just because it was on) Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers.

For awhile there was also The Mickey Mouse Club. I loved that show. Before all those idiots got all strange. One of them actually went to my high school. For realz. I think I might have even seen him once.

Later, the TV was moved on top of a tall music cabinet, which made it difficult to watch while laying on the floor. However, you do what you must to watch Scarecrow and Mrs. King reruns. Man! I was totally obsessed with that show. Probably couldn’t stand it now.
I wonder if this puppy still works?

I guess not…

Today’s Photo: In the Corner

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In this corner we have…


(a) Old school fire alarm. Most excellent. I’m the current safety dog on my campus- thus responsible for scheduling fire drills, pulling the alarm, and then panicking while trying to turn the darn thing off. All the while 1,000 people are outside waiting patiently and not swearing at me under their breaths as they stand in freezing rain because they understand that these drills have to be scheduled days in advance and we don’t know what the weather will be like 15 minutes from now much less 72 hours. I seriously wish it could be as simple as it used to be…banging on an old brake drum. I could do that, and I bet I wouldn’t even have to schedule it!

(b) Bell System for switching classes. Seriously, it’s like a player piano thing! I always wondered how those bells worked before our newfangled computery stuff. Love it.

Today’s Photo: Fly

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Today’s picture is a stretch (at best) to connect to the prompt–fly. It’s more like the Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Howard Hughes…rich flyboy and famous germaphobe.

His daddy…patented drill bit (picture).



Today’s Photo: Chair

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Early swivel chair. I think it’s lovely.

Remember this Downton Abbey conversation?

Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham: Good heavens, what am I sitting on?
Matthew Crawley: A swivel… chair.
Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham: Oh, another modern brainwave?
Matthew Crawley: Not very modern; they were invented by Thomas Jefferson.
Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham: Why does every day involve a fight with an American?

My observations?

1) I wonder if Thomas Jefferson really did invent the swivel chair?
2) When did swivel chairs first get wheels?
3) Speaking of wheelie chairs…who invented those? They deserve a cookie.

Today’s Photo: Something Beginning With I

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Irons. Strange and mysterious. I should mention a disclaimer. I don’t use an iron. Years ago I was lucky enough to receive a steamer irony thingy for Christmas. It’s amazing + I’m lazy = Christmas gift perfection.

I’m floored by the coal powered iron. Pardon my language, but WTF?!? Filthy and wrinkled, that’s what I’d be.

All of this leads me to this inescapable truth: I’m spoiled. Yup.